Henry Arroway's story is based on tradition, evolution and the hard work of two generations


Enrique Arroyabe opened his first fashion store in Bilbao, Basque Country. A region heavily influenced by art, fashion and gastronomy, it is the birthplace of great legends such as Balenciaga.

Enrique Arroyabe
Born in Bilbao, Enrique displayed a great interest in fashion since being a teenager. After having worked as a promoter for other textiles businesses in the area, it was his intuition, creativity and boldness which led him to make the big leap and create his own brand.


After a stint as a trouser and skirt designer, and driven by his entrepreneurial spiritand business vision, he decided to embark on a new adventure as a coat designer and manufacturer

The collection is characterised by the elegance of the region, timeless garments and intricate details.


Owing to his ample work history in the sector and his expertise which both characterise his designs, many businesses choose to trust Enrique for the manufacturing of their garments. As a result, a new business line based on production for third-party brandswas started.


After the brand's success and consolidation, the "Fashion Club" was created which helped to commercialise the brand under the Enrique Arroyabe signature in new markets such as the United States.


The path taken by Enrique Arroyabe has been followed too by his children who, driven by the tradition inherited from their father, their passion, adventurous characters and international focus, decided it was time for the company to take a strategic turn, changing its name to Henry Arroway.

In so doing, Henry Arroway gave way to a new era characterised by the joining of the present with the past. The new team, made up of two generations, join history, tradition, expertise, quality, innovation and new standards together.


From this year onwards, the founder's children took over the reins of the business and started to make the main changes that the company would undergo.


Henry Arroway was awarded the "Golden Thimble", considered the "Oscar of fashion" and is a recognition of excellence in the fashion industry.


Following their long-term goals, Henry Arroway looked to consolidate their national presence and step up their sales network worldwide.

These goals entailed the demanding process of brand restyling; working towards a more simple approach with a stamp of personality, many steps are required to create identity.

As such, our lines were redefined, capturing a much simpler and stronger image with character. All of this was done without losing our essence and tradition which we have established over time.

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