How to wash your puffer

How to wash your puffer

In this post we will try to answer all those doubts that arise when washing your puffers.

We started!!

-Can I wash my puffer in the washing machine?

Yes. With cold water, inside out and with the zipper closed.

-Do I have to take my puffer to the dry cleaner?"

No. Dry cleaners use chemicals that can make your garment shrink.

-Can I use a spin program or a tumble dryer?

Yes. With a maximum spin of 1400 RPM. It is advisable to put it in the dryer with some tennis balls. You have to make sure that the feathers are very dry.

-What do I do if the feathers have become caked inside the puffer?

Distribute the feathers by hitting it with a tube or stick, horizontally and vertically. You can use the one from the inside of kitchen rolls or aluminum foil.

Here we leave you our most used washing symbols, so that you have no doubt what their meaning is.

You already know that we are delighted to answer your questions. Have a great week.

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