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Heavy winter

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Slim fit puffer. A spectacular detachable hood with detachable natural raccoon fur completes this piece, from which you will not be able to resist its magnetism.



Semi fitted cut coat designed. Spectacular detachable hood with equally detachable fur in gray crystal fox. A truly unforgettable must-have piece, perfect for the coldest winter days.

- Largo: 92 cm



The world of puffers is expanding more and more, and is becoming stronger with this model. The hood and its fur are removable, as well as the fur on the cuffs, both in bitone crystal fox.



Spectacular ulttalight coat. Detachable hood with equally detachable gray crystal fox fur. All eyes will be fixed on this sophisticated garment, which will be your best ally to combat low temperatures.



Slim fit parka. The distinctive touch is provided by its removable wraparound hood, which will protect you and cover from the cold in trendy mode.



Slim fit puffer made of lacquered fabric, padded in spike. Fixed hood and detachable natural raccoon fur. Definitely one of the indisputable stars of this season.



Slim fit coat made. Fixed hood with datachable gray fox fur. Elegance and comfort come together to create this different garment for professional and leisure moments.



Slim fit puffer with zippers on the sides. Elegant and versatile puffer, perfect for the coldest winter´s days.



Oversize puffer padded in stripes. Spectacular detachable hood with matching fox fur. It has all of the winning traits to find its way into your closet this winter.



It is a beautiful slim fit parka. The differentiating touch is provided by its amazing detachable hood with matching raccoon fur and silver fox. It has the ability to stylize any type of silhouette.



Parka filled with thermoregulatory encapsulated feather, with a fixed hood and detachable natural raccoon fur. Inside front of the garment with the same natural raccoon fur and equally removable. A unique look to this women´s outerwear pieces that is clearly feminine, but unconventional.

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